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I was hoping this might get fixed on this new update but I still get inconsistent icons being displayed. I much prefer having the larger icon view. You can see two incidents of the same icon displaying in radically different sizes.

I always wondered about that. When I pick the icon from the list I saw the bigger black one. Under my things I get the tiny grey one. Hmmm. I’m even more broken than I knew. Wondering what else is broken that I just don’t realize yet?

This is in the process of being fixed so perhaps that’s why there’s an inconsistency? We have a gigantic library of images so it’s a rather complex process but when we roll it out, it’s going to significantly improve views like this.

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This is in the process of being fixed so perhaps that’s why there’s an inconsistency? We have a gigantic library of images so it’s a rather complex process but when we roll it out, it’s going to significantly improve views like this.
[/quote]Thanks a lot for the reply!

It is a minor issue after all in light of all issues really but it is good to know it is not being overlooked. I have all three app’s Windows, iOS, Android and I noticed it only exists on iOS and Android. I say this to help you identify the issue quicker. The Windows Phone app looks consistent at least but unfortunately it is with the smaller less desirable tiny gray icons. See below

I am using the exact same device handlers and changed both to the same icons in the library yet they display differently. Again my preference is the black larger icon, the gray is harder to see ESPECIALLY when it is in the Things menu. I am guessing the issue is the way SmartThings is trying to fit the icon in these screens so it doesn’t cover up the text “OFF”. The little gray one here isn’t an issue when it is on this screen because it is large enough although the gray doesn’t contrast well. With Windows app it shows small gray version of icon in this screen.

Will we be able once again to create a group of lights as we could in the V1 app?


While note native to the app you might want to take a look at “Trend Setter”:

Design looks good!

Since people are providing feedback, here is mine on the Android version:

My Home
One of my biggest problems with this section is the lack of a search function. It’s manageable with a few devices and rooms, however when you build up your portfolio, having to scroll through endless lists gets a bit tiresome.

Can we have the option to:

  • Put them in a list

  • Provide custom icons

  • and whilst we’re at it, allow them to be a bit more complex cough Rule Machine cough

Hamburger Menu

Why is this on the right, it just feels awkward. Android even has a slide out navigation drawer from the left as part of their standard development framework…

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Agreed. I’ve got 90+ devices and it’s a long list to navigate. Search would be an awesome addition. We’ve also been looking at categorizing devices.

Agreed that custom icons would be a great add. We’ve considered custom colors as well. We’ve looked at a list as well but it leads to a different interaction pattern compared to say a Things list as you need to run and configure. So we opted for a grid. Agreed on more complex rules too.

We’re considering moving it to the left. We agree it’s unconventional. The previous thinking was to maintain a consistent design across platforms but we’re looking at adopting platform specific convention (i.e. Material Design). The issue was iOS-related and getting a back button and menu button on the left as well as a potentially long label and contextual controls on the right. Placing it on the right gave us a better defined tap target.

On Android, it’s different because past top-level, Material Design dictates the menu button becomes a back button and a left swipe reveals the menu.

At the same time, we’re also cognizant of not making major changes again. Especially to navigation. If a lot of you guys want us to move it to the left, there’s a stronger case for us to get it into a build.

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YES… a thousand times, yes! By having it be the opposite of every other app on a user’s phone, it becomes “that oddball app” (+ it doesn’t help engender acceptance from family members that I’m trying to win over).


I apologize, was there an answer on voiceover navigation that I missed?

My housemate has decided he will no longer work the app for me, so unfortunately I will have to leave SmartThings shortly if the app continues to be inaccessible.


@david.mccrindle: As much as I would like to see the menu reversal fixed, this accessibility issue should take priority. It is more important (not to mention, a moral obligation) to at least fulfill the spirit of Section 508.


Agreed whole heartedly!


No, apologies from me. I forgot to respond. We’ve identified a task force within design and QA to ensure we’re not breaking accessibility with updates. In the next iOS release, we’ve fixed the ability to close the menu with Voiceover. Accessibility is absolutely a priority for us.


Flattening the icons seems like a relatively subtle change. Is that what you meant?

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That’s a start. Would there be anyway to show when the object is on by changing it to another color when so.

Yes, the blue icons are actually shortcuts. The real widgets are grey/yellow to depict state.

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OK if those have the same treatment that would be cool

If you’re on Android, there’s a new Google app that lets you control your phone with voice

@david.mccrindle any (even rough) estimated when the iOS app will get this update? Trying to design balanced UIs with things being non consistent is somewhat tricky …

I know updates take time but could we at least have a tactical fix until a long term fix is produced. It was pointed out some time ago and I would have expected a fix on the last release. As someone who works with people with accessibility requirements I find it frustrating seeing basic requirements like this forgotten about.

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