Upcoming Visual Updates

Hi all,

Along with bug fixes and performance improvements, we wanted to make you aware of many of the visual updates we’ve made to our upcoming 2.1.2 release. Moving forward, we’ll be using this forum to showcase new designs and visual tweaks.

As always, we’re looking for your feedback.

Font Updates
In an effort to be consistent across the platforms, we’re updating our fonts on iOS and Android. On iOS, you’ll see Apple’s native font San Francisco and on Android, Roboto. We’ve also tweaked font sizes to be more consistent across the board.

Row Updates
On the Things view, we’ve updated rows to feature a rectangular button vs a circle. The biggest issue we encountered with the circles was the readability of the label; devices with longer labels would scale to a size that was difficult to read. This update also provides a more generous tap target. We understand it’s a pretty big change but we hope you like it!

Configuration Screens
We’ve updated all of our configuration screens. The new look is cleaner and puts more emphasis on readability. Combined with the font updates, it’s a pretty significant upgrade.

Edit Rooms
The edit rooms experience has undergone a significant improvement consolidating two screens into one. Did you know you can feature a device at the top of a room? This updated experience lets you quickly choose which devices shows at the top by tapping the star (in previous releases, this functionality was an extra tap away).
(coming to iOS in 2.1.2 and Android in 2.1.3)

Tile Updates
You’ll also notice some improvements tiles in device details screens. Fonts and icons have been tweaked.

We hope you like these tweaks and we’re keen to hear your feedback.

For future releases, expect more posts like this. Our goal is to notify you of changes ahead of time so you’re not surprised by our changes.




This is so cool…great job ST folks!

Love it!!!

@david.mccrindle . Looks good!

Quick question. When can we expect that our Things icons will be settable for the parameter we want to report on? I have two identical motion sensors. One has the arrows for motion, they other shows temperature. We used to be able to pick what it displayed.


Is the display of SECONDARY_CONTROL for multiTile restored?

Thanks for the heads-up - very much appreciated! Looking forward to those changes.

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It’s on the roadmap and we’re working on it. Not sure when it’ll make it into a release but I’ll check for you. It’s definitely a feature we want back in.


Take cover NOW…the sky has fallen!

PS This is awesome…

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Significant UI improvements here… well done! :beers:

Is the Thermostat big tile going to be the same across Android and iOS following this update? Right now they behave completely differently.


Anyone wondering if this will break rule machine permanently?

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Hurry up and set all the Rules you need now, so you don’t have to touch your phone app anymore :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this. As someone who designs mobile phone software, I can appreciate how hard it is to create thoughtful design and get the vision carried through development.

If I may be permitted to share some feedback after using the app daily over the last month.

  1. One of my issues with the (iOS) app is the confusing organization of information. For example, why are my installed SmartApps housed in the “hamburger” menu in the top right. To me, it would make more sense to have installed SmartApps added as a new section in My Home.

  2. Since Marketplace consists of two sections, Things & SmartApps, and we already have two sections of the same name in My Home, why not place Marketplace breadcrumbs in each of those sections in My Home and do away with the dedicated section on the tabbar? Driving everything through My Home will create less confusion as to where to find things.

  3. The “hamburger” menu position in the top right is non-standard (granted more reachable than the top left). I recommend that action be moved to the tabbar (the iOS tabbar supports up to 5 items), this would make it much more accessible (phones are too big). Tapping would need to display the content in a dedicated screen, not a sidebar menu.

  4. It’s great that routines can be made available in the today/notification panel. It would also be great to see what the current status of your system is (armed away, stay, or disarmed).

Hopefully you find this feedback useful. Thanks again for communicating upcoming improvements!


yup looking good i like the new design.

Looks good, finally a useful re-design.

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The changes look good. I like the rectangular buttons.

looks good, excited for some consistency! and the new square buttons

Yep this has been fixed.


How about voiceover navigation? Has that been fixed?


This is a question for @david.mccrindle

Hi David,

I’d like to find out if you have plans to make Android app support the big tablets like Galaxy View(18’’ diagonal or 9x14’’) or when you release a web based browser app. Right now when I open SmartThings app on Galaxy View it stays only in landscape mode vertically in the middle of the screen with about 2/3 of the screen empty.It looks like it’s restricted to 10" max tablet, so on my 9’ high screen it looks even smaller then on regular 10’’ tablet . If I turn the tablet in portrait mode the application don’t follow through to portrait mode. I was going to use Galaxy View as my main HA controller, but unfortunately I can’t.

Also I want to ask you why some of the 5.1 Lollipop tablets are not compatible with the app. For example I purchased couple of pretty cheap 10’’ tablets (iRULU eXpro X1Plus 10.1" Google GMS Android 5.1 Lollipop Tablet ) to use as additional HA controllers, but GooglePlay tells me that application is not compatible with this device.