Upcoming Migration for Groovy Devices

Which DTH are they using? Remember that not all virtual devices are recognized and would get migrated to a “thing”.

How can I tell? I’m going off of the advanced UI saying type DTH. When I open the details, I don’t see any more info that seems of use. I suspect I created these using the IDE way back in the day. I did notice it says presentation ID is generic-dimmer if that helps.

Why not simply create new virtual devices using either an Edge driver or the Advanced Web App and substitute those into your Routines?

I might, but some are attached to a bunch of Routines and Smartlighting, so was hoping not to have to go adjust them all. The virtual switches that migrated were a total disaster, but the ones migrated after that went ok so thinking they got the kinks ironed out.

Originally posted in the thread [ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins - #348 by glenmm

ST assigned a Leviton DZPA1-2BW on/off switch to the GE/Jasco community edge driver after auto-migration, and as a dimmer switch. I’m thinking back a few years now, I originally had a GE/Jasco plug in dimmer in this location that died, and I had just taken the shortcut of swapping the ZWave Network ID in the IDE to preserve automations, and it continues to be seen as a dimmer instead of as a switch.

Any option other than deleting/re-adding the device at this point? I’m assuming there’s no way to adjust the device fingerprint/force a relay profile

As I said in the other topic, please go to the community developed ST API Browser+ or the ST Advanced Web App and look up the Mfg Code (fingerprint) and post here as well as what driver is currently being used. That will help us figure out why things are the way they are.

… will those apps tell me what the device really is, or what ST saved when the device was first added? Like I said, those are different now in reality as the device was swapped by changing its network ID (an old IDE hack - in those days you could also force ST to use the switch driver instead of the dimmer so it wasn’t an issue).

It will tell us what ST thinks the device currently is. That will give us a direction on whether you need to exclude and re-add the device or not.

that’s my answer – I figured this hack would catch up to me someday lol thanks!

I am hoping it is the latter because it would make sense of what has happened. It is certainly one of the more creative own goals I’ve seen lately.

I was expecting to see problems caused by the more common ‘forced pairing’ as there has been a many-to-one conversion of handlers to drivers, and that means just one default behaviour rather than many. It doesn’t seem to have happened though. Perhaps it just wasn’t a visible issue.

I tried using the built-in weather l, but it’s not very good and hard to combine with time in relation to sunset, so my Hue outdoor sensor arrived today. Bonus will be I’ve always wanted motion sensing on the deck for when we’re hanging outside. What driver are you using?

I use this one

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Replying to myself.

I got a message from @nayelyz indicating that my remaining devices were auto-migrated.

They all were successfully assigned the Zooz Switch driver.

One device out of the eight has an oddity. When I open its details in the app I get a pop-up message: “This device hasn’t updated all its status information yet. Check again later.” The device works fine.

You can sometimes fix that by creating a Routine to change one of the settings for the device.


For some reason the basicSetAssociationGroup wasn’t populated. I don’t use the Z-wave association feature so the correct value should have been “None”.

I did a Refresh command from the advanced web UI and it cleared up.

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All zwave plus devices use association in the Lifeline group (group 1)— that’s how notifications are sent to the hub. But that should be automatically set up when the device is added to the network.

Anyway, your device is using it, it just isn’t something you should have to set up. :sunglasses:

FAQ: How zwave direct association changed with zwave plus

He was referring to a custom capability with that name, it wasn’t initialized and had an empty value, so, that’s why he was seeing that error message :smiley:
Thank you for your input, @JDRoberts


Thanks, @nayelyz and @JDRoberts

I was obviously making an assumption that the capability setting was part of Z-wave association.

I’ve skimmed over lots of discussions on Z-wave association but have chosen not to use it in any way beyond the defaults. So I plead ignorance! :sunglasses:


I installed it yesterday and so far so good. It’s pretty sensitive as a motion sensor so I may have to work on placement, but it’s happily sensing the light level.

As a side note, the little manual that came with it was really hard to follow. Seems pretty flexible in how you can mount it, but it’s like putting together a Lego toy without knowing what it’s supposed to look like lol.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Did you try an in-app page refresh (drag down from top) first and that didn’t work, that you tried it from the AUI? I should think a drag down on the page would cause a refresh command to be sent?