[UNSUPPORTED] Enphase Envoy (local access)

You might be right. I just dumped the last 7 days of output and got a max of 3394 W. So between my 15 panels that would be 226 W.

Yes - that sounds like the M215 (which actually has a maximum output of 225W) - you should enter the inverter size as 225 in the device settings in order to get the correct reporting for output percentage.

Done! Very cool device handler!

According to this page Envoy Family it’ll work with your M250’s. Ironically none of them list my M190s. Not even the old one. Oh well. I’m not holding my breathe for my solar company to do anything to help me out actually. I’ve regretted using them from day one.

Ohh - you are right. I was looking at that earlier when I was looking at their battery and seem to remember that it wouldn’t work for me. Hmmmm - tempting…

I moved the code to a dedicated repository so that the name is a little more obvious when using Github integration in the IDE. I updated the link in the original posting - if you use Github integration please update to the new repository as all future updates will be committed there only.

It indeed looks as if your envoy’s software is too old - according to the official API docs from enphase, the URL the device type is using is available […] with Envoy software release R3.9 and later […] (emphasis added)

Very nice addition to my dashboard! Thanks for your work on this (took a few mins to feed the initial data, but it all populated nicely) Thanks again. Also - did the firmware update from the enphase website on my Envoy - thx for the heads up on that too!

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I’m am definitely a novice compared to all of you, but I can fiddle around until something works. It was at this post where I need help. I double checked step 1 as described (device ID from the MAC Address) but now I’m on the 2nd step here and this is what my IDE log spits out, and I cant decipher. Please help. Thanks!

Do you have the latest version of the DTH? That error should be fixed…
The version is shown at the bottom of the settings page and should be 1.1.3 (20160715)

I definitely have version 1.1.3 (20160715) that’s on line 17 and 18 of the code.

Maybe I could change the TCP port…?

Thanks for this. It is working fine with my new system.

Only issues on my Android devices I do not get any color on the tiles except for the main tile and no labels on those tiles. Any clue why?

SmartThings lack of QA?

The DTH follows the official documentation for those tiles but apparently Android doesn’t care (it also seems to capitalize the text (KWH/KW instead of kWh/kW) which shouldn’t happen. I guess I could suggest writing a ticket but most likely that will be thrown back immediately saying “unsupported DTH, please contact developer” :grimacing:

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So odd other DTH’s the color works fine(like a motion sensors temp). I tried comparing them but I can’t find out why it works on one and not yours. Oh well.

I just updated my DTH to support the older FW as well - it will automatically detect the absence of the JSON API and fall back to parsing the HTML output page. Please note that this has slightly reduced accuracy/resolution and will only show data on the second refresh (as the first load will be used to determine the absence of the JSON page).

I have an Enphase system booked to be installed at my house in the upcoming weeks. I’d already started to think about writing an Envoy device handler, only to find that someone’s already done it (and done an especially good job of it too, I might add).

Bravo Andreas - well done!

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I agree, Andreas has done a great job. Use my several times per week

Thanks @ahndee

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What could be causing this?

Not sure - what kind of error messages do you see in the Live Logging for your “Solar” device?

Not sure what I did, but everything is up and running. Really impressive. Now I just need to smart charging of our EV…