Unstable hub (aoetec) again

Alexa won’t trigger smartthings scenes and devices are unstable. Wireless swithes won’t work either. Some devices won’t update right in app. Same thing happened last week and it did resolve by itself, but now it happened again. Have someone experienced same thing? What should I do?

I’m seeing devices not updating their status properly sometimes.

Also, my hub has disconnected and restarted twice in the last 20 hours.

I don’t know how you diagnose it but it seems from forum chatter that a number of folks with V3/Aeotec hubs are experiencing out of memory issues.

I am having the same issue with Aeotec hub Version 000.048.00005. Memory is almost full. Remove some switches.You will not be able to add new switches. There are 64 now and 20 drivers installed. Any recommendations?

Reduce the number of drivers if you possibly can. Try to get by with the stock/built-in driver as much as possible.

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Appreciate you for quick suggestion.