Unsecure z-wave power outlet (UK)

For research purpose, I am looking for a particular device.
I would need a z-wave power outlet or any other controllable device which does not use the security command class (and which does not cost too much !).
I found a few manufacturers selling z-wave power outlets like aeotec, tkb or everspring but I can’t know if they implement the security layer. I found that aeotec gen5 smart switches uses encrypted communication (I have one).

Maybe someone here have a device and know that it does not implement secure communications ?
If someone could give me the reference of this kind of device, it would be lovely !

If you go to the official Z wave alliance site, you can find the “conformance statement” and list of supported commands for most certified devices. So you can see which ones support which levels of encryption.


Here’s the conformance statement for the Aeon smart switch 6 which does support secure commands:

And here’s the one for the DragonTech which does not:

The DragonTech is one of the least expensive zwave pocket sockets in the US, is zwave plus, supports beaming, but does not use the high level of encryption. However, it doesn’t have an extra pass through outlet, so you might prefer one of the more expensive competitors instead. But you can look up their conformance statements as needed.


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thank you very much for you quick and interesting answer, I see on the z-wave alliance website that there is two types of security, “network security” and aes 128, I suppose that the aes128 security refers to the ability to send encapsulated messages via the security command classes, so what the “network security” is ?

I forgot to mention that I search UK compatible devices !

Network security is just the now standard use of network IDs. You’d have to go back to very early devices to find anything that didn’t use that.

As for the UK, you can just check the conformance statement and list of supported commands for whatever device you’re interested in. :sunglasses:

Thank you very much, I’ve found an everspring plug-in which will be perfect for me :slight_smile:

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