Unresponsive devices

I keep finding devices become unresponsive. Their status of on or off is correctly shown in the app but I can’t turn them on or off. If I move the device to another room in the app they then come back to life.

It can be frustrating at the end of a day when I want to use an off scene that turns all devices off and a few remain on unless I move them around in the app.

What is causing this and is there a better solution?

Classic or new app? Any devices in particular?

Either app

And both sengled and innr bulbs.

Hey there! @dancing_james.

I would first try a soft reboot or forced reboot of the Hub itself to see if the device come back online.

Additionally, have you already tried resetting the Zigbee devices from your ST Application and then check if they return online?

Here is an article that can assist you further with resetting Zigbee devices: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/213137623-How-to-reset-ZigBee-bulbs

You can always contact support and speak with a Representative who can remotely pull up your devices and see the status as you complete the reset.

I hope this message finds you well!

I am having the same issue as of the February Hub v2 firmware update - some of my Zigbee bulbs are disconnecting and randomly reconnecting. But are mostly disconnected. This includes both Cree and Sengled bulbs. All has been working great in my case until this past firmware update 0.29.8.