Unpairing / re-pairing with Edge driver

If I unpair a device (which is used by just about every other device in my system - the lux sensor on an Aeotec multi sensor 6) prior to repairing with an Edge driver, will it also disappear from my routines? i.e. will I have to rebuild every routine to reinstate the device, or will the routines still hold the device name/conditions from before unpairing so everything will work seamlessly again?
If it does disappear, what state are the routines left in? Will I be able to reinsert the conditions from the multisensor or will I have to rebuild the routines from scratch?
Thanks for any help in addressing my concerns.

yes - and if it’s the only trigger, those routines will likely vanish. The “simplest” way to avoid this is to create a virtual device (hopefully someone has one with lux capability) and insert it into all your routines where the Aeotec sensor is used. Then remove, re-add, and add it back in.

Or wait for it to migrate automatically; even if it isn’t before 12/31, it will happen.


Thanks Mark. That makes sense. The reason I am trying to do this manually is that the multisensor uses a custom DTH and I’m not sure if its fingerprint will be recognised when the transition comes. I’ve added an Aeotec Edge driver to my hub for this sensor, but not sure how to ‘apply’ it. Am I back to unpairing/repairing the sensor?:thinking:

For now, if you want to do it manually. Yes.

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When the device is migrated, it should automatically pick up your Aeotec driver, assuming there’s a fingerprint match. In the worst case, it’ll transition as an undefined “Thing” and you should be able to select a driver manually from there.


Is the lux condition In all the routines the same?
If so you could create a virtual switch called something like “is it dark” and have two routines to set that on or off depending on a threshold . Then use that virtual switch in each routine.
Obviously this approach won’t work if the condition varies for each of your existing routines.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I use a number of different Lux values in my automations.

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