Unnecessary LED-status reporting from GE switches?

I did this several weeks ago. I was told to do a hard reboot of the hub and when that did not work I was told that ST was working on it and I’d be notified if they found out anything.

BTW, this is how I know my batteries were okay a few weeks ago. I pulled them for the reboot and they were not leaking then. They did leak subsequent to that.

I have exactly the same issue. I’ll submit a case and reference #287314 also. Every one of my GE zwave switches is filling my event log with the same led message.

Same here. Random on different switches, but chronic.

Looks like they’re working on it:

"Thanks for letting us know. I have added you to a list of customers who are also experiencing this problem. This is an issue that we are actively tracking and are currently working on. I do not have a specific timeline on when this issue will be resolved, however, our devs are currently working on it.

In the meantime, this issue has not effect on any of your devices other than the high number of notifications. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and we will follow up when we have a resolution. Thanks for your patience, James! If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know!"

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Same thing here.

Hey guys I did report this problem maybe 3 weeks ago and at the end. I changed the device type and it solved some of the problem. For z-wave switch. I changed to another z-wave switch genetic and back to z-wave switch. Same for dimmer.

I have the same problem, I will write support tomorrow. Maybe everyone should list their ticket numbers so when we send in for support they are all listed.

Power to the people.

Ticket #304980

My case number is 314580

Ray, so you just temporarily changed the device type and then back again and the issue went away?

Ticket 314586

Yes it did go away for me. I also find you will get this if you get Intermittent Internet connection as well.

same here… have over 20 GE Zwave and zigbee switches…

I had asked Duncan about these extraneous log messages and he had said…

My hub was updated late on Friday and I haven’t seen any of these messages since then. @johnconstantelo, @RLDreams, @Navat604, @James_Watts y’all seeing the same thing?

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You are right. No more LED status now. Wish they would do the same with the power reporting on ST/Centralite plugs so I don’t have to use custom DTH for local processing.


What is your issue with the power notifications in the logs?

If it is what I think you are referring to, I like seeing them.

It lets me know if the devices that are attached to it are in which state, on, off, doing something that takes more energy etc.

I have around 12 ST/Centralite plugs and because there is no way to define the frequency or wattage to display. Every 0.1 watt is an event. I could change the DTH to a non power plug or a custom DTH but I like to complain :grin:

Yes but having that granularity is nice for instant reporting and automations etc.

Hi @ritchierich,

Mine went away too, but not because of the firmware update. I think it may be related to other backend changes we don’t hear about.

I’m still on v16.9 of the hub’s firmware due to a zigbee stack issue discovered with 16.11, so I was rolled back until ST can fix. Still waiting…