Unlinking TP-Link Kasa app from Smartthings

Hey guys, just thought I add insight on a problem I see some are having with removing the kasa app from smartthings. Just follow these steps and you will be set. My advice is DONT RE-LINK THE KASA APP TO SMARTTHINGS UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL YOUR DEVICE ADDED TO YOUR TP-LINK KASA ACCOUNT FIRST!.. or else none of your device will not show in smartthings.

Step 1: go to the menu tab (3 little lines located at the top left corner) on the home page of smartthings.

Step 2: Go and tap the settings(gear icon) at the top right.

Step 3: select “Connect Services” (3rd down)

Step 4: Select the “TP-Link Kasa” app.

Last Step: Select “Delete Account” at the bottom.

That’s it!.. your TP Link kasa account is now unlinked from smartthings. Like I mentioned earlier, do not re-link this account until all of your devices are installed and added to you TP-Link kasa account first! You can always add more tp link devices to smartthings, but you gonna have to do these steps all over again in order to sync you devices to smartthings. HOPE THIS HELPS, LATER!


Thank you very much

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From the Smartthings app on my Andriod device I can not see gears icon in step 2

For Android, press the 3 horizontal lines about 1/3 down, then select the gear in the top right hand corner, then select connected services under advanced features.

I have a KASA HS100 outlet, do you know how to change the icon from a light to an outlet after it links? (I’m a newbie to SmartThings). Thx.

I’ve just added some new Kasa outlets and also renamed others. Following steps 1-4 as described by @Chris_Calhoun refreshed these in SmartThings, so no need to unlink/re-link the service :slight_smile:

In the Kasa mobile app you can choose a bulb icon for the smart plug, but when you access it inside SmartThings its still looks like a plug. This is even the case for the SmartThings plugs. However, my GE Zigbee light switch paired with the SmartThings hub shows up as a bulb

Unless someone knows a way to change that, it seems that only bulbs show up as lights

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