Unknown device showing up in linked services

Under linked services i see Eccobee and it shows disconnected and i cant remove it. I have never had an Eccobee device. Why is it there and how can i remove it?

one possibility is that you (or family member?) tapped on Add device > Partner devices > selected Ecobee and went to the Authentication screen (perhaps by accident)… even if you didn’t authenticate to their service… it gets added to Linked Services with disconnected status.

Strange that you can’t remove it in Linked Services and selecting Edit and tapping the - (minus sign) to the left of the service. Perhaps you can remove it through CLI but someone with knowledge of CLI would need to assist you with that.

You can also contact ST support and check if they have the means to assist with removing it.

You can delete a Linked Service (called a Schema App) using the ST CLI using the command β€œsmartthings installedschema:delete” where you will be presented with a listed of the installed linked services:

bep@debian12:~$ smartthings installedschema:delete
 #  App Name         Partner Name     Partner STConnection  Isa Id                               
 1  ecobee           ecobee           connected             8bfc04f4-391a-4a7e-8dfa-d6901e032b9a 
 2  Home Connect     Home Connect     connected             4e6ecc30-80a4-4e89-b211-dcdd46b6e8b1 
 3  My Leviton       My Leviton       connected             9a733999-e166-4652-a4e8-11155a7c7ac0 
 4  Nest             Nest             connected             6204c0c5-378b-468c-8d53-982d57ed9fb7 
 5  Ring             Ring             connected             48a22b37-b5a4-483a-87da-2a0164567d3b 
 6  Ring             Ring             connected             e4ff07dc-8e43-4baf-8639-f869ee9f57bb 
 7  rinnai_prod_app  rinnai_prod_app  disconnected          e7e1bd59-19e4-44ed-ae21-2aea5e19b20e 
 8  Smart Life       Smart Life       connected             562143d9-df29-4823-a84a-124250bb5222 
 9  Tapo             Tapo             disconnected          ae240e6f-28b6-4d63-935a-fca36f8c66c3 
? Select an installed schema app to delete.