Unknown contact sensor

Does anybody know what kind of contact sensors these are? They were at a hotel I recently stayed at in my room on the sliding glass door. There were over 500 rooms in this hotel. Every sliding glass door had one of these they must be pretty reliable. Though I doubt they’re using SmartThings in a hotel setting

forgot to say that there were no covers on them. sorry.

500 rooms I doubt they are zwave or Zigbee. did you see any repeaters any where?

didn’t see any repeaters, but i wasn’t really looking either.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Depending upon how a systems design uses hubs an other tech, that’s not out of the question.

true but for what they want they need reliability and while a Zwave or zigbee mesh network may be OK for hobbyist you have to admit they are prone to mesh and stability issues no matter what platform yo are running. I would be willing to bet its a sleepy device that just wakes when contact is broken. More than likely a standard RF device.

Again, don’t be so sure. There are many installers and companies out there specifically using both zigbee and zwave devices. Evolve is a company focused on the hospitality industry for example, and we have a couple community members in that business as well. One of the hotels I stay at near Heathrow’s airport just remodeled hundreds of rooms, and it included a complete changeover to this technology.

Just because ST has issues doesn’t mean others do. Control4 is another good example of a company using zwave with exceptional reliability, but for a price.

look at the silkscreening on the other side of the board.

Probably not zigbee anyway.