Universal remote in Labs is very upsetting

So in the labs section of the app there is a Universal Remote. This is kind of nice, however the part that really upsets me is that you can access all devices in all locations in this app but, the app won’t let me access these device in the scenes or routines.

I have 2 locations I can see one locations devices one at a time or all devices at once. So why can I access them with routines or scenes. This is very annoying. I would like for my device to be able to interact with each other regardless of there location.

Rant over…

Yes I know can do it using a 3rd party app like SharpTools. I just would like to do it natively.

I don’t think you particularly have to look to Universal Remote when the same is true of the device controls in the quick panel or power button menus on Android. Surely though one of the key motivations for using multiple Locations is because there is a logical separation between them.