Unexpected behaviour in automations

13 Dec 2020
Tried to use an established lighting routine this morning to turn on several lighting devices and only half worked, devices included ikea smart plugs, linked WiFi bulbs , zwave plugs other brands

OK I accept changes are happening back end so I checked the automation and it appeared some devices were no longer in the automation

Added devices saved hit the v switch to run the automation and the whole lot got into a race scenario which set me in a panic because the last thing I need right on xmas is blown devices

Removed all devices from automation and saved which cured the issue, now using individual switches per device

Am I alone on this ?

If we had the damn link to automations per device it would have saved alot more time figuring out what device is in what automation, cmon ST please add the automations per device link back in like we had in classic

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I think they want us to stop using smartthings. Anyone on this forum represents not-your-average consumer. It’s becoming clear that we’re not welcome and they could care less about our problems.

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