Unenrolling from Subscribed Channels

I really appreciated enrolled into some contributed edge drives from the community. Now that I have every device handled, I am trying to unenroll any channels that I don’t need. I used:

SmartThings edge:channels:unenroll

but the channels still show up when I list the drivers (SmartThings edge:channels:drivers).

How do I clean up my hub?

I’m not sure about unrolling from a channel, but you can definitely delete edge drivers you don’t want to use. See section 2 in the community FAQ

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

You can also unenroll channels in the ST app.

Open your hub in the app, tap 3 dots, select Driver, channels are at bottom, select the channel, login, unenroll.


I have found that the Unenroll button in the App does not work most of the time.


I’ve removed my previous answer as it sort of missed a point.

The smartthings edge:channels:unenroll is for unenrolling hubs from a channel. It starts by doing the equivalent of smartthings edge:channels --include-readonly which seems to list every channel you own or which you have ever subscribed to. You can’t seem to ‘unsubscribe’ from a channel you have accepted an invite to, it just seems to linger like a bad smell.

The smartthings edge:channels:unenroll is a little odd. It presents you with a list of hubs without regard to whether any of them are actually subscribed to the chosen channel. So you can unenroll from the same hub again and again.

It is only when you use smartthings edge:channels:enrollments to look from the hub end that you see what channels you are enrolled to.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to unsubscribe your account from channels you no longer have any interest in.

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I successfully un-enrolled from a channel by using the channel invitation link which presents you with the option to select available drivers from the channel as well as unenroll. I was even able to unenroll with drivers installed from that channel.

Yes that all works fine, and the last feature is handy for avoiding automatic updates. However I think the real requirement is not to ‘unenroll’, as that is used for a hub and a channel, but to ‘unaccept’ / ‘uninvite’ / ‘unsubscribe’ your account from a channel. You can’t forget it.

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