Unenroll a device


I have a Liner Zwave lightbulb that was previously working with a hub. The bulb was given to me and I don’t have the old hub to unenroll the device. This is preventing me from adding the bulb to my ST. Is ther a way to reset the bulb and erase the old hub from its memory?

Quick google search found the reset instructions


To Reset Unit (If Required)
To reset the bulb and clear all network information, follow these steps:

  1. Use the wall switch to turn the power to the bulb ON then OFF four times
    within four seconds.
  2. The Smart LED Light Bulb will fl ash twice when the reset occurs.
    Before repeating the steps above, try moving the Smart LED Light Bulb to
    a socket in the same room as the Controller/Gateway in case the preferred
    socket is out of range initially.
    Repeat Steps 1-3 above until the Smart LED Light Bulb is added to the
    network. Once the bulb has been successfully added to the network, move it
    to the preferred location.

Awesome. That took care of it. Thank you so much!!!