Undercabinet lights using Sylvania Osram - controllers?

Greetings! I am starting to think about how to do under and over cabinet lighting for my kitchen, but have a few questions. I am interested in using the Osram Flex light strips but not married to the, but like the flexiablility they offer (color, white level, etc.). In thinking about how to plan all this out, I think I will need a Osram controller (NOT Gateway) for each upper and lower cabinet lighting run - I can do a few long strips but several of my cabinets are isolated. My issue is, I cant seem to find additional controllers outside of the Sylvania Osram starter kits - I can find extra light strips and gateways but not the controller. Am I missing something - are there other controller options I should consider?

I have several of them in the house and they work great. The extension pack with extra strips and cables will really help out as well.

When you buy the starter kit it has the strips, power supply and controller you need. Nothing else is needed outside of this. You do not need a gateway at all to connect them up. Plug in the light strip to the controller, the controller into power and join to the network you set.

I believe (according to reviews) that you can extend this with any standard 5-pin rgbw strip as well, instead of having to use the Sylvania branded strips.

Now this would be awesome. Does anyone have examples of what they used for this?

Thanks for the advice and the GREAT pics! Your project looks awesome! I do have a few questions - can the controller address/control more than 1 strip? I’d like to have lighting strips both under and on top of the cabinets (I have 4 cabinets that will need to be lit - above and below) and I’d like them to function as 2 groups - under cabinet group and above cabinet group). To compound this complication, the cabinets are separated by two doorways - so I can’t really run wires between groups. I’m thinking this will mean I will need 4 controllers for the under cabinet group and 4 controllers for the above cabinet group - does that sound right? I will be putting all the electrical and controller hardware above the cabinets then using the extension kits to wire the under cabinet lights. Thoughts?


The controller can control one strip of lights, so if you want upper and lower lights you will need two starter kits as each would need its own power and controller. If you wanted to control both upper and lower with one controller you could but would most likely need the extension kit for the extra cables.

In my crude drawing of what you describe, the blue lights would be the strips so if you were doing under top and bottom cabinets you would need 4 kits so each has their own power and controller. You could then group the bottom into one scene and the top in another scene to control them

This is great! I am starting on the project this weekend, I have to put electrical outlets above the cabinets first. I think my only issue is the controllers themselves - I have yet to be able to find where I can buy them separate of a kit. I have emailed Sylvania and will let you all know what they say - I just might have to buy extra kits just to get the controllers (at a reasonable price).

Each of the starter kits have the controller and power in them So if you have to buy four kits your covered. You do not need the gateway at all like OSRAM folks will tell you. I almost sent mine back then tried to pair and it worked. I found that the only thing really was the extra cables is what I needed and in fact I’m doing the 10’ shelf at the top of the kitchen cabinets this weekend so I’ll post a few pictures of that when done.