"unconfigured items"

the Old phone app when you added a device to the hub, if it failed to self configure like it usually does, it shows up as an “unconfigured device” that you can pick and then finish the setup.

Now on the 2.0 version of the app, you cant do this. Anyone have any idea how to add a device that fails to auto configure but still connects?

Otherwise, any idea how to revert back to the old app until the developers decide to add this critical thing back in?

I have had new devices added to 2.0 show up as unconfigured. This has always simply meant that I hadn’t given it a name or an icon, not that it wasn’t configured to the hub. So that feature is not missing. Most devices do self configure, if their fingerprint matches.

What type of device is failing to configure for you?

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Lightbulbs and other zigbee devices, and this has always happened. 50% of the time a lightbulb will fully connect and auto configure, the other 50% of the time it showed up as unconfigured and you simply did it manually because the old app allowed you to do that.

From what I can tell they removed that ability completely. my wifes phone has the old app and it’s there unconfigured. new app… completely invisible.

When you say “unconfigured”, just what do you really mean. Have you looked at the device in the IDE? Does it show up with a ? icon, and unknown device type? When in the old app it showed up as unconfigured, what did you have to do to “configure” it?

I had to tap on “add a device” again and it would show up there as an unconfigured device. then I could configure it.

I think the safe thing until they finish writing the new app is to make sure my wife never updates her phone app.

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Sorry, can’t help you without more details.

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My iphone with the new app does not show the GE bulb, but my wife’s older version did. I am wondering if I should delete the app off my phone and reinstall, I think I will try that.

Notice, that Not Yet Configured in under Things in Marketplace. Did you look there?


I have definitely seen things show up under “Not Yet Configured” in the Marketplace.

Looked there, and nothing on my V2. Wifes olver V1 install was there. once I finished the setup on her phone it appeared on mine where it was supposed to be.

“Not Yet Configured” refers only to the naming and automation of a device. It does not refer to the Z-Wave or ZigBee configuration methods.

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