Unacceptable false positives around 1am

About once a month we will get a false positive or a device triggering in the middle of the night. But it is more serious than that may sound. Examples:

  • Last night at 1:20am the mains water shutoff value turned itself off for no reason. It appears in the SmartThings history as “closed”. The device is made by Dome, but clearly the trigger came from ST.
  • 2 weeks ago our mailbox motion sensor triggered at 1:15am. This only ever happens when the mailbox is opened, but the cameras revealed the mailbox was not opened.
  • 3 weeks ago the hallway lights turned themselves on overnight. This never happens usually.

Clearly there is something weird going on. Is this a side effect of an update being pushed to the network or devices?

SmartThings and @Lars, with all due respect, shutting our water off in the middle of the night is unacceptable. It causes knock on effects, toilets don’t flush, lawns weren’t watered, etc. etc.

Although we have leak sensors, none were triggered at this time and there were no leaks.

Please investigate and find a way to stop this erratic behaviour. Thank you.

You should report this to support as there are some things they can see on their side that might help diagnose it.

One possibility might be some kind of local interference. That’s rare, but it does happen. You didn’t say what country you are in. If you’re in North America, the most common reasons for Z wave interference are some old baby monitors, some old cordless phones, and (not kidding) drones.

How close are you to your neighbors? If you are within about 300 feet and they have a baby monitor that goes on at night, that might cause it.

Or, of course, a drone.

I’m not saying it is local interference, I’m just saying that’s one possiblility to be considered. :thinking:

BTW, you may already know this, but this forum is not an official support channel. There are a few employees who post here from time to time, but they aren’t Usually assigned to do so. This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers.

I know first level support can be frustrating because that’s just a general Samsung line, but once you get past them to actual engineering assistance they can see things from their side that we as customers cannot.



If they didn’t omit smart app / automation events from the new app, this would be much easier to troubleshoot.

Yes, RF interference is a slight possibility, but I have my money one automations firing when they aren’t supposed to (happens to me all the time since stupidly migrating my routines).

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That’s an understatement. :wink: