Unable to use motion and illuminance together in Smart App for Aeotec Trisensor


I have a few aeotec trisensors at home which are mainly set up to operate the lights.

I’m confused as to why I can’t set motion and illuminance to run together as you’d be able to with a dumb passive infra red (PIR) sensor.

It seems like a pretty basic function but I get “beta function not supported for local execution”

I have found a couple of threads about this from years ago but can’t see a solution?

I’m using the IOS SmartThings App.

I can use Automations rather than the Lighting Smart App and it works but is a bit glitchy and I have to have several Automations to essentially do the same job.

Does anyone know of a way to use motion and illumination parameters in the Smart App?

Thank you!

Try this way: Add in IF same device twice, once for illumination, and once for motion. IF should look loke this