Unable to use Association Group with one switch

I’m using Jasco GE switches. I’ve tested it with other switches then the problem one. But one of them just will not work. It works fine otherwise. What can I try? Is it possible to change the Hex ID? Would that help?

Exact model of the problem switch? And is it the trigger or the target?

Also, if it’s the target, what’s the model of the trigger and how many other targets are there in the same association group?

Finally: which edge driver are you using for the trigger?

The are all GE Jasco Dimmers…. Not sure the exact model name or where to find that.

The driver is GE Z-Wave Switch/Dimmer/Fan/Outlet GE/Jasco Devices - philh30


TARGET 1 - Works fine.

TARGET 2 - The one that fails to turn on and off due to association, but works as expected otherwise

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Association Group 3 is for turning on/off with a switch double tap. Is that what you want?

Association Group 2 is for turning on/off with the switch load.

Interestingly, the one that is working for you failed to complete S2 authentication. The one that isn’t working is S2 authenticated. Coincidence perhaps? It would be interesting to re-enroll the the working device with proper S2 authentication and see if it still works.

Yes I am looking for double tap. Like I said the 0E switch works as expected, whether or not I list it first or second in the comma separated list

I might try to re-add for security… I had several devices repeated fail S2 when re-adding and the process of rebuilding my entire system was exhausting enough that I just wanted to get everything back up and running and then trouble shoot the individual items next. If that would be helpful to diagnose this issue I am happy to try it out.

It’s a difference between the two, that’s all. Trying to eliminate variables :slight_smile: It’s also interesting that the trigger device is legacy non-secure and it is working with the device that has failed S2 but not with the one that is S2 authenticated.

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Z-wave association only works if both devices are joined at the same security level.

Your trigger joined as legacy nonsecure. That probably means it’s old enough to not support security.

The working target supports S2 but failed to join with security. I think that means it falls back to no security, which is why it’s working.

The non-working target joined properly with S2 security. It can only be controlled by other S2 devices.

You can try to exclude and re-join that last one in a way that fails security. It might be easy, might be tough. SmartThings doesn’t have great z-wave management tools. Or scrap your trigger switch (or move it somewhere else in your house) and replace it with a newer device.


AH. Ok. Interesting. So if I get a new trigger switch… I will still need to re-join the other switch to get them both secure correct?

Yes. Either way you need to exclude something and rejoin to get on the same security level. Security makes association a pain, but there’s also a benefit to going with the newer devices since they have better range and features. Zooz and Inovelli also have some pretty sweet devices with much better features than Jasco if you’re thinking of replacing.

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I’m not a Z-Wave expert (@JDRoberts is), but in my cursory search about association groups, devices seem to need to be at the same security level. If so, two options I see. 1) Get a trigger switch that supports S2; or 2) re-enroll the device that is S2 authenticated and make it fail S2. The second option doesn’t cost any money or time to install :slight_smile:

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Its funny, because I had so many fail it might be worth a shot… not super concerned about security in the protocol… but maybe I should be

I do have two Zooz dimmers some where else and I love them, so that is a good point, might be worth an upgrade next holiday sale that comes along

I have a follow up question… is this a new limitation? I was using this setup prior to the hub being deleted by smartthings, and it worked fine… but trigger switch was still on a device handler, both of the targets had been updated to your edge drivers though

ST was slow to support security with their hubs, so chances are the first time you joined everything was before it was supported. There have been others caught in this same situation - especially when people were intentionally excluding/including to shift from DTH to Edge.


Copy that… Thanks for the extra details.