Unable to unlink (old) Smartthings TV device from Google Home Device List


I have a Samsung QLED TV( Q7 series 2018) and I also have a Google Home (GH). When I first linked my SmartThings account to my Google Home account about 5 months ago, my GH never really worked with it because GH always says the TV in “not responding” and there is an “error” when I command my GH to turn on my TV. It was basically just showing up as a dead switch in my GH devices. However, I just recently I re-linked my Smartthings to my GH and its works great!

However, now I have my Samsung TV in duplicate in my GH devices (one works and one doesn’t). When I try to unlink my older TV device (the one that doesn’t work) in my GH home, it says that “Only owners can unlink”.

Could you please tell me how I can remove this device from my list of devices in GH?

Also. what GH commands beside “turn TV on/off” can GH do?