Unable to register v2 hub


I have a new v2 hub which I am unable to register.

I have a blue light which alternates on and off.

I’ve tried different cables.
Different router.
Opened the ports 11111, 443, 39500
Sent email to samsung support

I’d appreciate any suggestions that might resolve my problem.

Thanks in anticipation.

Blue blinking is a LAN issue, this doc says it’s not getting an IP address. I’d start with making sure it can and it is.

I would ping what you think the IP should be, then display your ARP table
Then I’d make sure the MAC address matches what is listed in the battery compartment. If it doesn’t match you have the wrong IP, if it does match then let support know you can ping it, so it has an IP.
Oh and per the article:

Thanks for the quick response.
Apologies for my lack of knowledge here, I have no idea what the ip address should be or how to assign one.
Similarly I don’t know what an ARP table is, but I have looked at a page on the router that shows only 2 devices connected, phone & laptop.
I’ve rebooted the router which unfortunately hadn’t changed anything.

Thanks for your help, I suspect my technical knowledge is a bit lacking.
Much appreciated.