Unable to re-register a 2.0 hub...any ideas?

It worked like a charm the first time but constantly gets stuck at the solid blue light now. It is not a network issue so is there a chance the database at SmartThings just got hung up and they need to manually delete me?

Second question…is there the ability with the ZWave Plus GE dimmers to make them not dimmers?

Are you trying to do it on the same account? And same IP address?
You may have to contact them to reset it.

are you sure about the network issues.? I just had that problem. It was an issue with the hub. JUST the ST hub wouldn’t connect, all other devices were connecting just fine, I had a blinking blue on my hub. It turned out something with the firmware. I had to upgrade the firmware on the hub and then it started working just fine.

Also you said solid blue, that would indicate that it’s downloading firmware which can upto a few hours. I wouldn’t interrupt it.