Unable to re-enroll to a channel where the invitation was previously accepted

Hi @nayelyz,

This problem still exists.

I had unenrolled from a particular channel where I had drivers installed, but when I went to enroll again, nother every happens. I don’t get a permissions issue, nor do I get and “not found” issues. I just keep getting the following notice while enrolling, and then nothing happens and the blue Enroll button reappears and the channel is not enrolled:


Here’s the channel:


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Hi, @johnconstantelo
I moved your post because I think this is due to something else.

When you unenrolled from the channel, did you delete all the drivers first?
I want to check if I can replicate the issue on my end so, it would be useful to know which steps you performed that led you here.

Ah, nevermind, @johnconstantelo
It happened to me as well, but supposedly the error that caused the issue in the first place was solved, so, I need to check why it is happening again. I’ll keep you updated.


Thank for the follow-up!

Hi, @johnconstantelo
Have you seen this error in another channel? The engineering team made some tests with other channels and they were able to enroll successfully.

Hi @nayelyz , this is the only channel that I had removed the drivers and un-enrolled from that I remember. Inovelli created another invite for me, and that one is working. From a priority perspective, I wouldn’t spend any more time on this issue. I appreciate the help and the folks at ST looking into this.

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Hi, @johnconstantelo
Just following up, the engineering team found out the root cause of the issue: that channel was deleted but the invitation link still allowed you to access it to “enroll” your Hub.
So, they will fix the issue of the invitation still being accessible despite the channel deletion by the owner.


Thanks for the follow up!