Unable to login - nothing happens

Oh well, I’d love to use the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app along with my SmartTV, but unfortunately I’m completely unable to sign in into the SmartThings app.

When I start the app for the first time, an introduction video appears, then I’m taken through some permission requests (contacts, location… the usual stuff). After that, I end up on a launcher screen which has nothing but a ‘Sign in’ button and some introduction text.

The problem is that when I press the ‘Sign in’ button, nothing happens. It just doesn’t work, no feedback at all.

My device:
Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte build)
OS: RR-O-v6.1.0 (klte official)
Model: SM-G900F
Android: 8.1.0
Kernel: 3.4.113-lineageos-g6a2de78
(no root, SEAndroid enforcing)

I tried various things, from simple reboots to an entire reset to stock Android, but nothing really helps. What else could I try?

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your best bet is going to be contacting support.

S5 should be fine, I used same model. Try another device?

I unfortunately don’t have any other device at hand.