Unable to load your home solutions / SHM broken in Classic App (August 25, 2020)

This is also being discussed here:

SmartThings broke several things yesterday morning (Aug 25), affecting SHM in the Classic App, which in turn caused the errors in the webCoRE and IFTTT Groovy code.


Thanks for the information. I had the same problem this morning with my SHM alarm, USA. Let us know how it goes. I need to go a step further as I have Actiontiles as my dashboard. Not sure the dashboard will still work if I migrate. I guess I have no option without blowing up the whole thing.

ActionTiles works with the new app. You will need to make changes in order to use it with STHM in the app. I believe they have details on the ActionTiles community forum.

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Was looking at migrating today, with the SMH issues today and my alarm going off I’m thinking there is still an alarm going off I need to dismiss prior to migrating, the first question in the migration process says to disarm and dismiss…so…

With SHM broken ATM, I would definitely hold off on starting the migration, since it works that that data.


Hey, friend. ActionTiles has the following article on getting SHM working on the new SmartThings app in the ActionTiles interface:


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I too was finally able to focus on doing the migration today, but seems like that would be too risky. Ugh!

Great, thanks… I will give it a try. By the way, has anyone gone through the migration to the new ST app when you were already using the new ST app? I was playing with the app to see if it was worth it and have it mostly loaded out. Just wondering if I migrate now would it cause duplications or problems in my new app?

The migration doesn’t affect your devices, and only changes a small subset of your account. See this for details:

After the migration you can continue to use the Classic app (until it is turned off), with the restrictions noted in that post.

Best recommendation is to install the new app, login and see how your devices are working. Some that use custom devices may not show all capabilities at this point. You can use both apps at same time.

Cool… Thank you. Hitting the migrate button now.

You might not want to yet!

OK… but what is the symptom with that problem? SHM is not working in the classic app either.

With SHM broken, I’d be concerned that the migration will have even more problems than it already causes, since it uses the SHM data in the migration.

Hmmm… so my options are to stay with ST Classic app and not be able to arm my system or take my chances with the migration… Either way, thank you jlv John as you have been a wealth of information and have given me a lot to think about.

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It’s more than that. The migration is supposed to pull your configuration into the new app’s infrastructure, enable STHM and DISABLE SHM. With SHM down it’s not known what will happen or how it will break. I’d HIGHLY recommend you wait until after they clear whatever issue is affecting it.

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I got the same BS response. TWICE!

Got it… thanks for clarifying… In a holding pattern…

When support isn’t helpful, try including this in your response:

Your message has not solved my issue, please escalate this to your technical lead and team manager for further assistance.


lol yes! My last message to them “I feel as though we are not getting anywhere could you please forward me to the next level of support.” :rofl: :joy: