Unable to delete, move or change existing devices (11 Nov 2022)

When trying to delete, move or change label / name of pre-existing devies I get

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Fri Nov 11 10:16:28 UTC 2022

Adding new devices is ok.


  1. Within ST app (IOS) trying to move or delete - “We are having network problems message”
  2. Also when trying to add / update devices in ActionTiles V6 Connect app from IDE - graph.api.smartthings.com says Authorizing the selected devices failed; please try again later or contact support@smartthings.com

If I understand what you’re asking, you can rename, delete, or change rooms for devices in the new web interface by tapping on the device tile, then choosing the little gear icon to edit it. It’s slow because you have to do one tile at a time, but it works with the new architecture. I just tried it, and it’s working for me, FWIW.


If you’re trying to do things with the IDE, it’s in the process of being discontinued in the transition to the new platform, and is slowly being stripped of functionality as the transition proceeds.

For actiontiles questions, ask in their forum.


And if you’re unaware of the transition itself, try these:


The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Otherwise see the following.

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

Thank you for the info, very clear and useful.

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