Unable to control light switch from Harmony Remote

Today I installed a GE Smart Switch to control our outdoor floodlights. It works fine through SmartThings, I can see the device and control it. I refreshed my Harmony Remote and the device showed up under “Plugs”. I can see it there but all I can see is the status. I cannot control the switch to turn it off and on. Am I missing something in the setup?

I believe your switch should show under “Lights” and not “Plugs”. I can’t look at my system because I’m not at home but I’m pretty sure my bulbs and switches show under “Lights” not “Plugs”. To control them I would tap on “Devices”… then on the group called “Lights” … which will expand to show the specific lights…and lastly tap on the picture of the bulb next to the one I want to control to turn it on and off. Post a screenshot of your device list and I’ll try to assist more when I get home this afternoon.