Unable to change location mode

I have been using ST for 2 years and I have a routine that changes my location mode to Night and has been working succesfully all the time until now but since yesterday my routine is not working anymore as when I run it my location mode remains in “home”. Anyone having this problem?

No I haven’t had an issue with changing mode. Is there a chance that there’s another routine that is changing it back to home immediately because of some condition?
If you need to you can change your mode from the new app, click devices at the bottom, then at the top left chose your hub location and near the top a drop down will appear that you can manually set your mode from. I believe you can also change it on your IDE. I don’t know of a way to change it on the classic app.

No problem with modes here either.

V1 hub on shard 1, United States

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I found actually that as you suggested one piston from WebCore is immediately changing my location back to home but this piston was not behaving this way. I guess could be a WebCore update or something… I will check more in detail that piston and update it in a way that my location will not be changed