Unable to change Hue bulb colors on custom monitoring rule

Hi - I’m trying to setup a custom monitoring rule (via Smart Home Monitoring - Custom smart app) so that if an open/close sensor is opened more than a few minutes, a hue bulb will be turned on and change color. The Hue bulbs are paired with ST hub (v2) with Hue Bridge, and I can change color fine if I go into the bulb’s control manually. However, when I setup the monitoring rule, it keep saying “None of these selected lights are capable of changing color” when I tried to setup the “Alert with Lights” on the final step. See screenshots attached.

Does anyone know if this is a known bug, or Hue bulbs color changing are not supported in custom monitoring? Thanks!

Funny you should mention. This feature has been gone for a while now. Just ask @slagle he knows about it!

I have been hunting him with this question since early spring!!!

Last time I’ve heard from him was a month ago

Thanks for the insight on this issue! What I’ve noticed from the screenshots you’ve posted on the other thread is that it doesn’t even show that the lights you’ve selected is not dimming or color changing capable, whereas on my app currently is shows the text below the light selection saying the light can’t be dimmed or change color. Maybe that feature is added but not quite working yet…

Hopefully the SMH team has a short sprint and release schedule and get this taken care of.

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Certainly moving in that direction, I noticed too that text appeared for dim level and color a couple of weeks ago, but is not functional yet. Hope they turn them back on, soon…

It looks like the standard “Security” SHM method now includes the ability to set color and dim level for the light bulb, but the function seems to be broken when setting up “Custom” rule of SHM.

Unfortunately under the normal “Security” setup of SHM it doesn’t offer the ‘delay’ option (only trigger alert when open sensor is opened for a period of time), and the delay feature is only available when setting up “Custom” rules in SHM. So either have the ability to change color without alert delay, or have alert delay without the ability to change color :frowning:

This looks like a bug to me, does anyone know how to file a bug report?