Unable to add new location in New App

I’m using both of Smartthings New App and Classic App.

When I tried to add new location in New App, new location has been displayed just a few seconds and disappeared in New App.

I cannot access new location I created.
However, I can see new location in Classic app and also in IDE website.

Does anyone know a solution for this problem?

Hey there! @W0rkh01ic.
I first wanted to know what device/ Operating system you are using?

Have you tried adding the location in the classic application first and then checking in the new ST application to see if the location has been added and that you can now access the location from both the classic and new ST applications?

If you are still having issue when adding the location, you would need to reach out to SmartThings support so we can remotely view the IDE (Integrated Device Environment) and monitor while your trying to add the location.

I hope this message finds you well!