Unable to add label to room name

So I just got Smartthings tonight and installed the app. I am trying to label each of the rooms but when I click on the area in the app to add the name the keyboard on my phone is not appearing. Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas?

Sometime on certain fields you need to tap almost to the left edge of the field you want to enter text in, especially if it’s empty.

Still didn’t work, the keyboard will not display. I even took my phone out of the case to make sure I was touching the screen on the far left. I can choose every other field…just not ‘Give your room a name’.

Weird, ok…

I just added a new Room and was able to edit the label field. Without being able to physically have your phone to play around with, I’m not sure what could be going on in your case. Perhaps support@smartthings.com can help?

I’m going to try and reinstall the app and give it a go. Thanks for helping me with this! :wink:

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