Unable to add ge 14291 smart switch

Obi Wan, you are my last hope…

OK, I installed some Zooz z-wave plus light switches last fall, I could add them. I ordered some GE 14291 z-wave plus switches in late December and installed them. But now, I ordered 4 more GE 14291 switches, received them last week and I can not get any of them discovered by Smart Things and thus unable to get them connected.

Tried everything - excluding then adding; pulling the air tab out and pushing it back in; moving hub closer to the switch even though they were only 20 feet away; z-wave repair, every method I could find on the forums in regards to installing them and yet, they simply are not discovered. The switches are wired correctly (I can move one of the working ones into their locations and they work fine).

So, does anyone have any additional thoughts?

PS I contacted Samsung Support and they said they could not offer any assistance since the device is not on the official compatibility list and that I should use the community forums.