Unable to add Eaton RF9601 switch "you need a hub to connect to this device"

Hi, just bought the Aeotec Smart Home Hub and am trying to add in my existing devices. I am having trouble with a couple Eaton RF9601 switches I bought to control exterior floodlights. I had previously added them to a Ring protect system as a Z-Wave device. I could manually turn them on/off in the app but could not integrate with Alexa or automate. That’s when I decided to buy the Aeotec Smart Home Hub (v3). I excluded them from Ring so I got a blinking light on the switches, which means they are not part of a network. When I try to add with QR code I get a message “Couldn’t add device You need a hub to connect to this device.” I tried to scan for device and got nothing. I also tried a local reset on the switch with same results.

Not sure why it is saying I need a hub, since I am trying to add through the Aeotec hub.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ok, solved, leaving this up in case anyone might have made the same dumb mistake I did. Somehow I never finished initially setting up the hub. Figured it out as after power cycling, the LEDs blinked red/green. Was able to add switched without a problem after hub was correctly set up.

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