Unable to access the manage drivers page: "Not found...." (Dec 2023)

I’m trying to select a different Zigbee driver for one of my new devices but when
I click on the “Manage Hub’s Drivers” button I wind up on an error page:

“Not found. We couldn’t find the page you requested”

Do I need to have something reset?

Hub info:
Hardware Type: V2_HUB
Firmware Version: 000.050.00010
Hardware ID: 000F

I’ve never tried to do it via that method, but I get the same result. You could go to the “hub’s” page in the web app–or use the phone app.

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Hi all, there is a bug with the redirect URL I reported it and as soon as I have updates, I will inform you. :saluting_face:


Hi everyone, the problem was solved. @brenthaag @brianr Could you try again and check it out?

Not fixed.

The link just seems to take you back to the devices hub page. It lists the registered drivers & channels, no means to edit them. (as far as I can see)

Isn’t that what the button is for? It takes you to the relevant hub page to manage drivers at the hub level where you can delete unused drivers directly or you can link to the channels the hub is enrolled in to install or remove drivers to or from the hub.

I rather assumed that changing the driver for the device itself would use the drop down list of drivers on the device page, but then I don’t have any devices with a choice of installed drivers. I can’t think why it would be a list otherwise.

it works for me, now. It also appears that in the device page, the driver drop down is fixed. I noticed before all drivers would show up–now only the drivers that “match” show up (just like in the app).


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Ok, I misunderstood how the channels and drivers were related, its my first time exploring the non-Groovy driververse.

Are there any third party channels I can attach beyond the Smartthings Beta?

Quite a few. Just remember that every custom edge driver you download uses up some memory on your hub and if you get too many behavior can become erratic. So in general only download ones you actually want to work with, Plus one or two at a time if you want to explore.

There is a hard limit of 50 edge drivers, but you can run out of memory sooner depending on the size of each driver. Some people have started encountering problems when they got close to 20, for example.

Here is where you can find some, divided by device class

FAQ: Using the quick browse lists without the community wiki