Un-decline Text messages?

A user in my house doesn’t receive text messages for STHM, even though his phone is clearly listed in the app’s settings. I tried deleting his phone number and then putting back, but I receive a warning saying he “declined” messaging service in the past. I suspect he didn’t know why he was getting message at the very beginning, so he replied “stop” or something. That silenced his number. Is he forever condemned to Samsung’s No-Messages-for-YOU! list? Is there any way to undo this? A quick search in the forum posts didn’t uncover much.

Update: Texting the key word START to 844647 re-subscribes.

you can send a message to 844647 from a US number to start receiving messages

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I would suspect that ST uses Twilio for SMS delivery as most companies do. You can read more here but from the article:
Recipients can disable this message stop, and resume receiving messages with the START , YES , or UNSTOP commands as outlined below.

So have that user reply to the same number that delivers your SMS messages with “start”

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Worked! Thanks! Seems that texting anything to that number will re-enable. But the official key word is START.

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