Ultimate Climate Control

My master bedroom is freezing when compensating for the kitchen when we cook.

I was thinking of just adding smart vents in the master.

@damohabir Did you ever get a response on how to change the IRIS contact sensors to .1 reporting threshold? I need that info too!

See this:

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Where is the code is this? Can you share your device type? I tried but I could not find it in the code…


We did an upstairs extension 14 years ago. We left the original heating system intact, added an AC to it, and added a second upstairs AC unit/zone. The upstairs AC also has one vent into the downstairs living room.

This has worked out beautifully. First off, the upstairs AC is usually the only one that needs to run. The house faces south and has no tree coverage, so the sun is fairly unrelenting in summer. The upstairs AC tends to offset most of that heat. It’s only on really hot days that the downstairs AC is on at all.

As for heating, the original design of the basement heating system did not account for the two additional rooms. Therefore, I can close vents strategically. There’s a heat vent in the basement that is closed except during really cold days when I have hobby-social gatherings there. The exercise room’s vent is almost always closed; again, it’s only open on very cold days. (And in summer. It’s open for AC.) And the office only needs heat or AC sporadically. That door stays closed, so the room has little impact on the rest of the house. Oh, and the people who owned the home prior turned a closed in back patio into a room, and extended the heat there too.

Anyway, the original heating system design really only accounts for about 60% of the existing house. So I am an ideal candidate for smart vents. I just have to decide whether many hundreds of dollars, plus hours of configuration and testing, are worth avoiding moving a vent lever when I walk into a room lol

Right here! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I just realized you were talking about a motion sensor, I have a Smartsense Open/Close sensor…bummer

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

@keltymd Hey Matt, do you have a handler for the contact sensor? I thought you did, but I cannot seem to find it. Maybe someone else did…

I dont. I am not using any smartsense sensor fro temp any more.

I have a similar setup on our upstairs HVAC unit with 6 keen vents and ecobee remotes in each room and have been able to achieve more comfortable temps in our bedroom and the kids bedroom while keeping the other non occupied rooms slightly higher

Will be adding more keen vents to the bathrooms as well to improve the balance as they get most of the cold air forced down even with the regular vents 1/2 closed

Wish the app had an option to use motion sensors to set occupancy for Guest rooms so i dont have to remember to change the target temp of the Guest rooms when we have company over… on the bright side, they don’t stay too long with the higher target temps in these rooms :wink:

Are you talking about Keenect? If yes, then you have that capability as it is. You set the temperature as you like when you have guests, and use a virtual disable switch that flips when the room is unoccupied.

Is that the Optional Zone control switch under advanced options ?

so if that switch is ON, it set temp in the room, else what would it do ? keep the vents off ? i still like to keep the temp a little higher/air flow going even if the room is unoccupied else the air gets musty

Sorry, never played with the advanced options much, so i’m a little lost here…

So the target temp is achieved by opening and closing the vents. If the zone is disabled, that vent movement stops. For example, I only use Keenect at night to maintain constant temperatures in my bedrooms. During the day, I set a static vent opening based on usual occupancy. When the good morning routine runs, it flips a switch that disables the zones and a Smart Lighting instance sets the vent openings for the day. At night, when the good night routine runs, it activates Keenect. You could activate your disable switch based on actual occupancy and then have Smart Lighting adjust the vent openings for when the room is unoccupied (vents are seen as regular dimmers by other apps).

@SBDOBRESCU, that’s quite complicated for a regular ST user. My zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions (and even the newly released KeenVentManager) can do that in a much easier & configurable way.

It’s part of the room setup. For each room where you want to take into account the room occupancy, you just need to define the room’s motion sensor, the occupancy flag (to be set to true), and the occupied threshold in minutes (optional).

The occupied threshold is set at 15 minutes by default, but you can change it to any value you want, and this is configurable on a room-by-room basis.

That’s it, you do not need to define a virtual swich and use Smart Lighting (which is not perceived as reliable according to some user feedback I’ve seen in the forum).

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for your suggestion. Options are always good…However, selecting a switch (virtual or not) and creating an instance of Smart Lighting is much faster than learning a new app and installing custom DTH. And despite some people complaining about Smart Lighting, my vents have not failed once to adjust since February, so based on my personal experience Smart Lighting is pretty reliable.

@SBDOBRESCU, it’s up to you.

BTW, the custom DTH is optional (and it takes 2 minutes to set it up)…

I created the custom DTH to avoid polling/updating the vent temperature & pressure values every minute.

The constant polling is not required for my smartapps and cause excessive burden on the ST platform for no reason.


i will try your new app…

thanks for the suggestion

Let me know how it’s working for you.

@SBDOBRESCU Bobby, i wanted a simple app to set vent temp few degrees higher or lower when room was occupied. @yvesracine free app has limited features per @keenhome requirements

His paid app does have a lot more bells and whistles but i might be moving to the keen hub for testing soon once they release the ecobee code updates, so i have not invested in his smartapp.

Back to @Mike_Maxwell’s app as that’s working well for my use case.


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Hi @SBDOBRESCU Can I ask you what you best solution for control temperature on each room?