Uk zigbee light switch repeater?

Situation: I’m trying to put a ST door/temp switch into the back of my garage. It keeps going offline. Reorienting the ST hub has helped a little, but not sufficiently. Ergo, i suspect I need a repeater

The best place for a repeater would be in the front of the garage, i suspect. The interesting thing is I currently have a manual light switch in the garage, and would be amenable to replacing it with a zigbee based switch that could do both jobs. Downside is that it’s wired typically for the UK with a live loop and no neutral. It’s possible I could pull a neutral through, but it wouldn’t be easy

What are my options for doing this as cheaply as possible? Minimum requirements is a reliable mesh extension. Best case scenario is an easy switch replacement that does everything. Happy to entertain all suggestions in between

Many thanks in advance

Does it have to be an ST sensor?
Do you need a contact or temperature or both?
Repeating zigbee in the uk means an ST outlet (currently no stock anywhere) or a homebrew repeater.

If you can use z-wave however, there are lots of repeating options.


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I already have the ST sensor installed. I wanted both contact and temp, as the back of the garage is my study and I want to use the temp sensor to decide whether to turn the fan heater on out there or not in the mornings, plus I wanted a security alert if the door opens


Very seems to have them in stock.

But I’d go for the significantly cheaper Amazon option. It says available in 2-4 weeks but I got mine delivered in 5 days.


Thanks for the info,
I didn’t realise they were back in stock anywhere.

@Mike_Guest this is your answer.
Although it’s a socket, it also is a repeater.

I’ve just ordered two to increase my mesh a little


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Thanks all. If that’s the best/easiest solution then i’ll order one and see how it goes.

I have no need of a remote control socket in the garage at present, but you never know when it’ll come in handy