(UK) Z-Wave/ZigBee mains-powered scene controller that does not cut power to the circuit?

(I’ve updated the topic title to specify that it’s for the UK and the device class you are asking about)

This type of device, one which does not cut power to the circuit, is typically called a “scene controller.”

I know quite a few UK devices which combine a scene controller with a single relay Control. For example, the following TKB zwave model which uses one paddle to turn the circuit that it is wired to on and off, and the other paddle as you described, just to send an instruction to the hub.


There are quite a few different variations on this, but off the top of my head I don’t know of one that doesn’t offer an internal relay as well. But there may be one, hopefully someone else can comment as I am not feeling too well today.

There may also be some options with some of the in wall micros like the Fibaro model which has a secondary scene option. I just don’t know if those can be wired to bypass control of the circuit or not. @anon36505037 might know as he has done his whole house with fibaro kit.

Of course the next question is whether you will be able to get the device to work as designed with SmartThings, which is another question altogether. For Z wave devices, if they use “central scene” commands you may have an easier time getting it to work then if they use “multi channel” commands. But you will probably require custom code in either case. And if it is a zigbee device, the multi channel devices might just not work at all with SmartThings.

I’m a bit confused by your mention of the Hue dimmer switch as that is a batteryoperated device. If you’re willing to consider other battery operated devices, there are a lot of choices:

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