UK Wall Socket with Consumption

(James Martel) #1

Wondering if anyone can help me. I’m looking for a UK Wall Socket with Smartthings compatibility. Critically, I’d like it to also report consumption.

Any suggestions for a product that achieves this are appreciated.

(Mike) #2

If you mean a wall socket, I dont think one exists, with or without power consumption, alternative is what the Americans call a pocket socket, or we call a plug that plugs in but wall face plates sockets that are zwave, we all wish

(Ben Erkens ) #3

Here a Z-Wave powerplug with metering that works within SmartThings without additional DTH.

Neo CoolCam power plug

The washing machine is off, zero % power consumption.

US/UK/EU/AU pin layout.

Check for the proper frequency of Z-Wave!

(Peter Galbavy) #4

I have not found anything (yet) that can safely replace UK dual gang wall sockets. I have stuck with Smartthings Plugs although I have two in front of me about to be returned (one without fuse and one melted from the dishwasher…)

(James Martel) #5

Thanks very much for the suggestions so far. Seems like a niche not yet fulfilled to me.

Ideally I’d like every socket and light switch o in the house reporting power consumption so I can see exactly what device is consuming how much power at any given time, including a history.

Anyone know of any extension leads that do this too? I’m not coming up with anything through searches just yet but I guess it’s just a matter of time.

(Peter Galbavy) #6

I almost ended up with a strip extension to hang off a mini-UPS for home tech monitoring. I didn’t in the end :slight_smile:

(Mike) #7

They dont exist …at least here in the Uk, greenwave used to do one but that has now vanished, the Uk is sadly lacking in anything usefull
It has a lot to do with our socket designs which are the safest in the world, people dont trust anything that looks European, ceratinly not American which always look like a fire or shock waiting to happen
Because of the click in the socket switch its almost impossible to make that change position remotely