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Hi all,
I desperately need help trying to pair the EcoLink tilt-zwave2-eco to my smartthings hub. I have come across some articles on here and tried them to no success. I ordered the device from the UK and it came from Amazon US. I dont believe that should be an issue…!

When I click add device in the smartthings app, my options under Ecolink brand are:

Moisture Sensors
Motion Sensors
Open/Closed Sensors

Under Open/Closed Sensors I have:
Ecolink Z-Wave
Ecolink Zigbee

I have tried via Ecolink Z-wave but it doesnt find the sensor.
Has anyone got any tips?

It could be the issue, unfortunately.

Zwave operates on different frequencies in different countries, usually to avoid interference with local emergency services. The device frequency must match the hub frequency exactly or they cannot find each other. up until the series 700 Z wave chip, the frequency could not be changed after the time of manufacture.

Ecolink does make some devices that operate on the EU/UKZ wave frequency, but not the tilt sensor. That is only made on the US frequency.

UK devices

US devices

So it sounds like you are trying to pair a US frequency device to a UK frequency hub, and that just won’t work. :disappointed_relieved:

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Oh man…!
So why on earth make these available on Amazon UK!!? Even with US Dispatch. Its misleading!!

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There are some Z wave tilt sensors available on the UK zwave frequency.

Aeotec window sensor series 7 has a tilt sensor in it. This one should work well with smartthings.

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Can’t argue with that, although I don’t believe it’s illegal in the UK to operate a hub on the US Z wave frequency, it’s just hard to find devices for it and of course the mains power devices won’t match UK wiring. So it’s possible that someone in the UK might want to order a US Z wave frequency device.

That said: this is a really bad product description, it doesn’t even give the frequency.

I would definitely return it to Amazon and complain about the product description.

Just so you know for the future:

CEPT (Europe and UK) 868.4MHz, 869.85MHz

US/Canada/Mexico 908.4MHz, 916MHz

The SmartThings/Aeotec hubs operate on the first of those two frequencies in each of those two regions.

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Thank you for the pointer! Will look at that instead!

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Hi. I finally have the series 7 pro sensor which has tilt. But in Smartthings, tilt isnt showing.
Any idea?

Rats. :rage: the official DTH for SmartThings doesn’t expose the tilt sensor, even though it works with other hubs. That’s incredibly annoying!

The first thing I would do is contact Aeotec support and ask them how to use the tilt sensor in SmartThings. It used to work:

So it looks like it requires custom code.

@erocm1231 may know more.

Thanks for the response. I have installed the custom device handler, but still no good as far as I can see!!

@erocm1231 Hope you can help!

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So here is my response from Aeotec:

You can purchase a possible dry contact tilt sensor and connect it to the Door Window Sensor 7 Pro using these steps: Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro (ZWA012) with dry contact sensors

This way you would be able to wire a physical tilt sensor and utilize the tilt as a standalone. This will appear as open/close states in your SmartThings network.

Whilst I have emailed asking what exactly is a dry contact tilt sensor that would be able to connect to the 7 Pro, do you have any idea if any of these will connect and do the job that is required? Its very confusing to me…!

edit: it also seems the above need power, so presumably its going to drain my 7 Pro if wired that way? This doesnt look ideal at all the more I read!

Sorry, I don’t think I worked on that device. Looks like the author may have used some of my code from a different device handler.

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