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Uk sirens/alarms

(dan) #1


anyone using indoor siren/alarm working with st in the uk? cheap and reliable. tried lannouncer, great in theory but in practise after a couple of days it disconnects from the net.
so, looking for a ziggbee siren for the uk market

(Robin) #2

Any particular reason you want Zigbee and not Zwave?

I know this Zwave model is officially supported and I’ve heard it works well:

I use, and am very happy with the D-link siren (also Zwave), but I can’t find it on vesternet anymore, here is the Amazon link though:

D-Link DCH-Z510 mydlink Home Siren with optional battery back-up

Needs a custom handler:

(Kev) #3

Curry’s have these sirens

(Alcopop2006) #4

I was going to get the D-Link but opted for the Aoen Labs one instead. I’m a little disappointed tbh… would have liked a more mild beep once it’s triggered then I a severe alarm after a certain time. It can be annoying when it goes off when I’ve moved back into Away mode randomly or not at all when arriving. Was looking at the GoControl Siren but it’s only available from USA and I’ve not been able to find out if it even works in the UK? Anyone else got experience of an alarm set up with SmartThings in the UK?


I use a DLNA compatible speaker doing the voice notification, doorbell and alarm. It works but it won’t be perfectly like a normal siren alarm since it’s just a speaker. But I’m happy about the overall performance.


Could you expand on this DLNA speaker set up please? What your setup is, how you integrated it, etc. For example, how would the alarm be triggered on the speaker if you were away, and there was motion detection?

It also got me thinking if I could somehow utilise the Amazon Echo as an alarm.



This is the DTH I use:

Setup wise it’s quite simple, all you need is a DLNA compatible speaker and the DTH and then you can use it in your SmartThings.

To allow the alarm be triggered, you can just use SHM where you can ask it to send push notification with triggering siren alarm. All you need to do is associate that siren alarm to the DLNA speaker from there.

Alternatively, you can use webcore or any other smartApp to do either voice notification (require TTS) or play music/sound effect.

For Amazon Echo, I don’t think it support DLNA though.


I got the Neo Coolcam siren. £20 off ebay. Works a charm and you can set the volume of the pre siren bleeps in the settings independently of the main Siren. Fairly loud siren too if you mount it in the hall/stairway.

(Alcopop2006) #9

Just wondering if I could encourage any of you to share any ideas of new SmartThings security products as I am working on a University project. Thanks in advance :smile: