UK purchase advice

Hi all, before i purchase the starter kit i was hoping i could ask a few questions on here to ensure i get the right parts for integration.
In addition to the parts that come with the kit this is was i am trying to achieve…

  • 2 x IP cameras one at the front of the house and one at the rear to capture video of persons coming and going from the house and to trigger an alert to my mobile device.

  • At night i would like the same trigger to turn on some lights in the house as well as send me an alert to my mobile device.

  • A smoke alarm/sensor that can send an alert to my mobile device in the event of smoke detected

Could anyone advise on how to proceed and what parts would integrate easily.

I am trying to set this up for an elderly relative that lives alone and are not technically savvy so i want to automate as much of this as possible.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated



Some others on here can give better advice on camera integration with ST. I Have an old camera that has a basic integration but not great.
I do know Nest cameras can fulfil most of your requirements. But not sure on the integration with ST and being able to trigger lights.
they also require a monthly subscription.

You could trigger lights and maybe other cameras with a motion sensor.

I would defiantly recommend the nest protects, for smoke and CO alarms. I’m not a great lover of the Nest ecosystem. The protects are good though. with some nice features.

Thanks acevis i will check out the Nest range.