UK out let

Does any know the max watt load on the UK outlet?

12A, according to the leaflet that comes with it.

I guess they couldn’t stretch to that extra amp…

Ok, so last night I connected my outlet to a set of 48 outdoor lights each bulb is 15 watts. It worked a few times then reported it was turning on and off but the lights stayed out? You can hear the switch inside turning on and off but not letting the power though? Any ideas? Is there a higher rated outlet I can use?

The plug contacts inside are very fussy, and can be a bit hit and miss. Poor design. If you wiggle the plug a bit you’ll probably find your lights come on again.

More info needed really…

You dont tell us what make/model of outlet you have? Different outlets have different functions (such as dimmable) and supported wattages.

Have you tested the lights in another socket and removed the ST controlled outlet out of the equasion?

Are the lights 240v, or do they use a step down transformer?

Are you running 48x lights off a single string, or are you using a multi way extension to plug in multiple plugs/transformers into the outlet?

I assumed “The UK outlet” means the standard ST one - especially given the problem reported is one that we’ve seen here before.