UK & Ireland SmartThings Rollout

(Ben Edwards) #1

This Section is for UK & Ireland specific Topics.

  • We are excited to announce that SmartThings latest sensors will be available in Curry’s and PC World Stores and online today. We will have the product available a la carte where you can pick and choose which sensors you’d want, or you can try our starter kit which includes, the new hub, presence sensor, open/closed sensor, motion sensor, and the smart power outlet.

  • We have a new UK Website. It may look the same as the US site but look for all those funny words (what do you guys have agains “z’s”?) - oh and also a few UK-specific device images and info.

  • We’ve added a new subsection on the forums to talk about things specific to the UK and Ireland (you’re in it now), but feel free to continue to post in the general sections as well.

  • If you would like to develop on our platform check out Developer Site.

  • We have also added new subsections to the SmartThings status page where you can track region specific outages that might occur, via text, e-mail, or RSS feed. See below:

  • We are expanding our line of UK supported devices to LIFX, Bose, Netatmo, Yale, Aeon, Honeywell, D-link, Fibaro, and Samsung. Stay tuned for additional updates!

  • We have setup a specific support channel for the UK and Ireland.

Starter Kits?
(Andy Godber) #2

Ive never written FIRST to posts but I will now.
Many thanks for delivering on the UK promise, and recognising me as a loyal KS backer.
Ordered and awaiting delivery - suggests one day :smile:

(Chuckles) #3


You lucky, lucky Poms - not just a hub, but a socket too! :smile:

Now…about Australia and New Zealand… :wink: :koala:

(Arnoud) #4

You are talking about Northern Ireland here, right? I am currently on holiday in Ireland, and there is no sign of a Currys store over here…

And when visiting the shop in Derry (NI) the shop clerks had absolutely no idea what I was talking about…

(Chris) #5

Just thought I should point out that the Developer portal link is:

The one posted in the original message is wrong.



Hi, Arnoud,

I bought the new Hub2 in Currys (Abbey Centre) on the release day:-) I was surprised to see it their on that day, but who’s complaining! Go on-line and check via postcode to see which store has them in - Derry postcodes start with BT47.


(Aaron S) #7

We started with the first batch of stores last week and more are coming VERY soon. The displays - and store reps - are beautiful (post photos here or send them to, but you can also find kits and devices on Currys’ website. The team proposed a road trip to see them, but @Ben didn’t budget for a double-decker.

Also, we have live chat in the UK on from 10:00-19:00 BST (Ben, they also use weird time formats) on Monday through Friday if you want to say HI.

(Arnoud) #8

When I returned from Ireland back to the UK, I visited the first Currys store in Wales and was greeted with this outside of the Llandudno shop:

Ok, I admit I did make a reservation for a kit this time, so I didn’t waste my time again :smile:

Now back home in the Netherlands I have to hobby projects for me: first getting a Euro-plug attached to the power supply (why no more micro USB plug on the hub?) and second finding out what we can do about the UK SmartPower outlet… Taking it apart or getting dual UK->Eur and EUR-> converters to use it…

[edit] I managed to find a Linksys power supply that also provided 5V-2A of power with the correct plug, so that part is fixed. Now just the SmartPower outlet left…

Oh by the way, can we get 24 hour time display in the app please?

(Pietro) #9

Hi, I live in Switzerland and I have a question, does the smartthings starter kit for UK works in other EU country? Thanks for yours answer.

(Arnoud) #10

Apart from the funny power plugs you need to find a solution for, it works fine in The Netherlands, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t in other EU countries.

(Pietro) #12

that’s cool! And did you had a problem only with the power plug? Works your ST without Problems? Does ST accept connection from Netherland?

(Arnoud) #13

Actually I have run into the first problem: I have just set up my new Samsung HD camera, and I cannot set my local timezone, I can only select US & UK timezones…

But apart from that it works just fine here in The Netherlands.

(Anthoney P Oates) #14

Hi All
Live in Lincoln, Lincolnshire I’ve had my SmartThings starter pack for a week now, i’m on the insiders campaign, #ThinkSmartThings
Found it easy to set up, multi sensor on my front door, love the way it tells me someone is knocking on the door, and when the post is here, motion sensor in my front room, power outlet on my floor lamp in front room, using the timer function to turn on the lights, the presence sensor is on my wifes keys so i know when she’s home or out, also purchased an Osram Lightify RGB Bulb from amazon as they are going cheap, don’t need the bridge to connect to the Smart Hub and works great with the app, only got the bulb yesterday so still playing, not sure which room to place it, the app can be a little difficult to use, but i’m getting used to it, have some ideas to integrate this system in my house, but need to get used to using everything and playing with all the potentials…One thing i want to know is when are they going to release the add a user function, as my wife wants to use it too??

(Aaron S) #15

Very soon… This time I promise for real

(Janko Cukic) #16


I waited patiently for a long time to see smartings finally being supported and available in UK and Ireland! But it seems that despite the grand announcement, hub nor a single sensor are available to be purchased in any of the stores online or not. So now after Samsung online store elegantly canceled my order, I am wondering what can I do to finally get smarting up and running at my home here in Dublin, Ireland, Europe ?

(Aaron S) #17

@Janko_Cukic the and stores are different - the UK store cannot fulfill the orders in Ireland. However, you can buy it from Currys IE website:


Pc world in airside, Swords have them… I’ve the starter kit and 3 motion and 3 multi sensors that I got there… They’d decent stock levels last time I was there.

(Janko Cukic) #19

@Aaron, @Unklerosco - Thanks for info, I finally managed to get my hands on starter kit and dozen of sensors.


If ur looking for a siren to add as an alarm system imrecommend this, works a treat.

(David Bradbury) #21

I got my smarthub from Currys/PC world online last week