UK Hub not monitoring

Something seems to have happened yesterday (Thursday 3/3) at around 4:30pm whereby none of my devices are reporting status change, etc…

What alerted me to this fact is that I have a fibaro door contact sensor and it was stuck in the open position. I initially thought it was just this device - so I reset it - but was still stuck in the open position.

I then noticed (and via the IDE - which I can still login to just fine) that the Last Activity on all of my devices show as yesterday at around 4:30pm.

I powered down the hub this morning before coming to work and started up again - but this has not made any difference.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I have had the hub since Dec 2015 and I have to say it has been flawless until today (well yesterday).


Strangely I’ve had no problem for months also but yesterday that same thing happened to me not once but twice! All my devices stopped reporting back. The last time things stopped reporting was 6:30am for about 7 hours. I’ve just powered off and on the hub and it seems to have done the trick. UK Hub V2. Weird I’ll keep monitoring…

I made a schoolboy error this morning when I powered down the hub…I only turned off the mains. I completely forgot about the batteries I have in the hub - so the hub did not truly power down.

Will do a full power down tonight and hopefully that will fix it.

Strangely my TCP lights are working fine through ST - it is only the starter kit add-ons and the fibaro door contacts not pinging back.

Yep, same thing happened to two of my ST Motion sensors yesterday!

And did a full power down/up resolve it? I take it that it did…

I’ve done a full power down and batteries out for 20 minutes. Plugged all back in and still it not pinging the ST devices, etc…

I’ve waited 30 minutes before posting this.

Anything else I can do to kick it into gear?

I’m not sure what color the LEDs are meant to be on the front of the hub, but they are green…

Is that right? I have a vague recollection they are meant to be blue…?

It is a v2 hub.

I’ve had this same thing in the past. All dcloud to cloud is fine but zwave ec not working. In my case it took a hell f a lot of troubleshooting, but essentially was caused by over polling devices using pollster.
I now don’t use pollster at all and have been messing with my device types to exclude the need for pollster. It was a strange one, but didn’t start happening until nearly 30 hours after adding a new device to be polled by pollster so the correlation Wasn’t there.

A troubleshooting mind is certainly what you need with this product and certainly add things with caution and slowly.

I’ve literally just finished resetting the non pinging devices and they are all responding once more…i think. Which is good news.

Thanks all.

Hey. After testing some more my hub is going inactive (don’t think it’s not due to lack of internet connection) but then doesn’t recover so the devices don’t report back until I pull the power out of the hub. When re-powered it normally recovers but fails again some time later. Probably happened 4 or 5 times so far today! It’s been fine for the last few months, started yesterday. It’s the same for both Zigbee and Z-Wave (I only have fibaro devices). Could it be the firmware update a few days ago? Anyone else having issues?

The timing is bang on for me at around 4, 4:30pm. But a full 3 days later. The firmware update was 29 and my problems started on the 3rd.

This is the first problem I’ve had of this type though…