UK hub and Ecobee3 integration

hi, I bought an Uk hub and when following the instructions to integrate Ecobee3 provided in the page

I found out that in my app in the market place under thermostat got none. Any work around? TIA

You can probably use you on-line Ecobee3 account somehow. I know that is how the Logitech Harmony connect to 90% of the devices it supports.

I don’t know anything about specific integrations that do or do not work in the UK but I would think this should work. Did you set up your account with Ecobee before trying to integrate with SmartThings?

Did you ever get this working. I just got the starter kit last week and can’t figure out how to connect the ecobee.

same problem here…anyone got this to work?

I got it working with help from storeageanarchy and his smart app