UK Home video buzzer linked to my lights - help


I’ve recently moved into a new flat which has a video buzzer to allow access to the building, however the hall way from the buzzer to my living room is quite long and sometimes I can’t hear if someone presses this. I currently only have the Hue Bridge and bulbs and would like to have some sort of set up for my lights to blink or change colour when pressed but don’t know what else I’ll need to set this up

Any advice would be great


Immediate thought is do you own the flat or are you renting? That might affect how far you can go.

I’m wondering if the buzzer would be enough to trigger a vibration sensor? The ST multi-sensor has vibration I think.

Alternatively you might be able to modify a contact sensor so that the buzzer closes the contact. See this thread for further ideas: Z-Wave Doorbell from a Wireless Doorbell + Door/Window Sensor

I’ll tag @JDRoberts but he’s probably already working on a response as I type :slight_smile:

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Yes I’m renting at the moment

It says “GDX” on the buzzer if that makes any difference lol :see_no_evil:

GDX Door entry systems:

Given you’re renting then I’d expect you don’t want to be taking the door entry system to pieces :slight_smile:

It might be worth getting a multi sensor and fixing it to the side of the buzzer. If the noise of the buzzer sets of the sensor then you have numerous options for notifying yourself using Hue.

Perhaps someone else can comment on wether they think the multi sensor will be suitable for picking up the buzzer???

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Do you have a SmartThings hub set up as well? Or just the hue bridge?

(This forum is for people who have SmartThings, so most of the suggestions you will get will require that you have a SmartThings hub set up as a minimum.)

Given what’s been said so far, I would agree that using a sensor that captures the buzz even if you yourself don’t hear it is probably going to be the easiest way to approach the problem.

Is there a speaker inside your flat where the notification sound occurs? Or Only a buzzer out at the gate itself?