Uk Fire stick useage

Its a real shame there is no proper ST app for Samsung Tv`s or Firesticks, i was messing to see what i could do with my Firestick yesterday and the best i got was Bluetooth connection to Echo, Echo to connect, connect to Amp so i had the Firestick audio coming out of various Sonos speakers… meh to be honest the Tv is ok for sound but it was something

Anyone else able to get a Firestick to do anything usefull ?

Personaly i would love the Tv to have an overlay pop up if anything ST related activated… never happen but thats the sort of thing i would like, been trying to get that sort of useability since Windows Media Center was born. MS never thought it was a worthwhile attempt and it seems neither does Samsung/ST

This app will give you a panel on your firestick for ST devices

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